90 Years of Transformer and Reactor Manufacturing Experience

FTZ has more than 90 years of experience in manufacture of transformers and high power specialized shunt reactors , including power generation and distribution transformers, with power rating up to 80000 kVA and 70000 kVAr respectively, and furnace transformers for various applications, earthing transformers and arc-suppression reactors. The transformer/reactor cores are made of low-loss, cold-rolled transformer plate covered with inorganic insulation. The step-lap cross-section of the core column is almost circular in shape, featuring optimum, computer-designed, number of steps for full filling of the cross-section and required flux density. Column and yoke plates (mitred strips on the ends) are carefully fagotted, ensuring good magnetic properties. The designed core construction enables reduction of no-load losses and the level of noise. The windings are made of electrolytic copper. Bottom winding (low voltage) is made with thin copper foil or with a few parallel conductors of profiled cross-section in paper insulation. The upper voltage windings are made with round cross-section wire in varnished insulation or with profiled cross-section wires in paper insulation. The oil ducts located between the windings ensure required oil circulation and appropriate cooling. Construction and mounting of the windings guarantee very good dielectric resistance, high lightning resistance and excellent short-circuit strength. Each transformer and reactors made at the Company is designed, manufactured and tested according to the procedures ensuring the highest quality and repeatability of products.

We also Produce Resin Transformers and Coils

The resin transformers are required to ensure high level of reliability, long life and environment protection. The winding of these transformers is made in the resin technology, and the transformers feature the best insulation materials from renowned suppliers.

The available power range of the dry-type transformers is from 63 to 10000 kVA; supply voltage range: from 6300 to 36000 V. The 6300 kVA and 35/6 kV transformers were made upon a customer order. The transformers are designed and engineered with the latest calculation and graphic computer software. Computerized design means that a transformer is engineered quickly, and all operational parameters and values are calculated and known beforehand. It also enables optimization and choosing the best design version. The transformer cores (in three-column arrangement) are made of low loss, cold-rolled transformer plate covered with inorganic insulation. Their design is similar to the cores of oil-immersed transformers. Bottom windings (low voltage) are made with thin copper foil or with a few parallel conductors of profiled cross-section in varnish H-class insulation. The strips are insulated with a layer of special composite, bonding adjacent coils. Such solution provides high resistance to short-circuit forces, full tightness of the winding making the ingress of moisture and chemical fumes impossible, while ensuring high dielectric resistance. The high voltage winding are made with round or profiled cross-section wire in varnish H-class insulation. The winding layers are insulated with glass tape saturated with semi-hardened epoxy resins (rowing). Following the winding, it becomes a monolith, with high mechanical and electrical strength. The winding has adjustment taps, enabling voltage control.