In consideration of high standards of business ethics and honesty, FTZ has developed a Code of Conduct which specifies the proper principles and obligations generally accepted.

Human rights

FTZ shall apply the following practices:

  • Respecting human dignity, privacy and rights
  • Prohibiting employment or forcing anyone to work against their will
  • Prohibiting behaviours of sexual and offensive character, aiming at applying means of coercion, violation or exploitation including the use of gestures, verbal messages or physical contact.

Fair conditions of work and refusing to employ juveniles

FTZ shall ensure fair conditions of work, in particular:

  • Eliminating methods of discrimination of employment due to gender, race, ethnic background, religious beliefs, disability, membership in trade unions or political parties, or sexual orientation; acting in compliance with legal regulations within the scope of discrimination of employment,
  • Enforcing employee rights within the scope of freedom of association and concluding collective agreements,
  • Refusing to apply forced labour or to employ prisoners and ensuring freedom of terminating the labour contract for the employees with applicable notice period,
  • Paying salaries to the employees in a fair way, while observing the regulations applicable to payroll and/or provisions of collective agreements and in case of their absence, ensuring salaries to the employees at the level enabling satisfaction of their basic needs,
  • Ensuring working time covering a period of maximum sixty (60) hours per week including overtime excluding serious extraordinary situations; the employees shall have the possibility of taking at least one (1) day off at work in a week.

FTZ shall not tolerate or facilitate work of juveniles at any stage of the company’s activity, which would be undertaken contrary to the applicable regulations and provisions of law.

Occupational health and safety

Pursuant to the OHS principles, FTZ shall ensure safe place of work to all its employees.

Environmental responsibility

FTZ shall comply with the principles of environmental protection and shall conduct business activity in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way.

Business activity ethics

When conducting business activity, FTZ shall act in an ethical way, in accordance with the regulations and standards in force, in particular:

    • It shall not apply any forms of coercion or bribery
    • It shall observe the provisions of antitrust law and other provisions of competition protection, e.g. it shall not participate in price fixing or bid rigging
    • It shall protect all information provided by business partners

Planning continuity of operation

FTZ shall implement procedures aiming at limiting the possibilities of exposure to terrorism and criminal activity, to risk related to conducting business activity, pandemics, natural disasters or related significant accidents.