Arc-suppression coils are designed for compensation of ground fault current in power network and are installed in power substations between ground and, in the case of star connection, the neutral point of power transformer or, in the case of delta connection, the neutral point of earthing transformer. The 1U terminal of operating winding should be connected with the neutral point terminal 1N of power or earthing transformer, and the 1N terminal of suppressing coil should be connected to earth. The additional winding terminals are located on the cover and marked with 2U – 2N respectively. The additional winding is used for forcing of current active component for selective operation of protecting devices. In the condition of short-circuit between phase line and ground the compensating current flows through the arc suppressing coil. The current-voltage characteristics of coils is very close to a straight line; this is very important in operation. On the cover the bushings of current transformer S1-S2 are also located.

Reactor Cores

Made of cold-rolled transformer plates covered with inorganic insulating material.

Reactor Windings

The windings of reactors are made of electrolytic copper. The windings are wound from round wire with enamel insulation or shaped wire with paper insulation. Between individual windings the oil channels are provided that ensure the necessary oil circulation and suitable cooling.


For current regulations used tap changer, which is located inside tank. Tap changer manual drive is located on the cover. Adjustment of parameters can be changed by selecting of desired taps after de-energizing of the reactor. Each tap of the tap changer is equipped with locking mechanism.


Capacity: 100-4000 kVA

Voltage levels: 1-37 kV