Reactor Cores

Core is made of cold rolled grain oriented magnetic steel sheets of low specific losses. Sheets are mutually insulated by a thin layer of inorganic insulation, resistant to reactor oil and high temperatures


Tank is made of steel sheets and is capable of withstanding a certain overpressure and vacuum without permanent deformations.

Reactor Windings

Windings are constructed to meet the requirements with regard to the mechanical resistance to short-circuit forces, permissible temperature rise and test voltages. They are cylindrical in shape, made of conductors of a high conductivity, insulated by paper or enamel. Depending on the current and voltage, various winding types such as disc continuously wound, spiral, layer and interleaved type, are used.

Ability to suppress Transient Recovery Voltage

FTZ reactors are designed to suppress dangerous Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) in their operation. TRV suppression is achieved by incorporating the energy discharge resistor module at the MV side of FTZ reactors. TRV are generated when the reactor is switched on or off during normal and fault operation. TRV has high voltage peaks that deteriorate reactor insulation and reduce service life.


Capacity: 2.5-70 MVAr

Voltage levels: up to 132 kV